53” long mounted on a 8” SkipShooter®  base load.  The SKII  SkipShooter®  baseload
antenna has a proven high-performance design that will withstand 5000 watts. This
antenna is made from a rugged solid fiberglass core and has a flexible braid
connection that reduces the  chance of breakage when the antenna contacts objects
while the vehicle is in motion.

All SkipShooter® antennas are made in America with all American made
components. Each SKII Base Load antenna is wound with 17 gauge insulated wire to
prevent the windings from shorting out.

SkipShooter® antennas are the most durable wire-wound antennas on the market. The
Skipshooter® design with the flexible braid to eliminate breakage has been a  proven
performer since 1977.

The SkipShooter® antennas are compatible with autos, trucks, vans, motorcycles and
ATV’s. All SkipShooter® antennas may be used in a single antenna configuration
when a metallic ground is available. All SkipShooter® antennas may be used in a dual
(co-phased) configuration on any vehicle made from any type of material.

The tuning on the SKII Base Load SkipShooter®  antenna is set by adjusting the
length of the 3mm tapered steel whip. See
Technical Information for details.

The 3/8”-24 threaded base is made out of brass, is plated with a shiny nickel finish, and
fits all standard antenna mounts. Each antenna is covered with a water tight sleeve.

All SkipShooter® antennas are available in a variety of colors to include:
Black, White, Red, Clear, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Neon Green,
Neon Orange, Forest Green, Silver, and Gold

View all colors here!